Mission statement for Bold Moves Child Contact services


At all times we provide a family friendly safe environment, for separated parents and families to meet with their children.
Our staff work very hard to support the process of building and maintaining relationships between parents and their children.
We offer a sensitive approach to families during the time they spend with their children whilst promoting equality and celebrating diversity.
We work hard develop a trustworthy and supportive relationship with children and their families and Local Authorities, Cafcass, the Family Courts and Family Lawyers.

We aim to support improved communication between parties so that the best outcomes for children can be achieved.


For Parents who need access to interpretation services Bold Moves partners with the Big Word services.


We can support parents to access translation services via the Big Word, although parents will need to fund the full cost of these services, if your referral has been made by Children’s services or Cafcass there may be financial support available to access Big Word services.

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