Who are Bold Moves?

Bold Moves help families in conflict, especially those separating or divorcing, we specialise in supporting you to manage your finances, agree on new living arrangements and how co-parenting will work now that you are separated and likely to be or planning to live apart.

Bold Moves has over 20 years’ experience providing expert, professional services to families and all mediators are trained to Family Mediation Association standards and are members of the Family Mediation Council.

Mediators are multi qualified and as well as qualified Mediators staff are also qualified in social work, counselling, accountancy and finance, child psychology, family law and family and civil court services and procedures.

What is Family Mediation and why would you use a mediator instead of going to court? 

Family mediation is a conversation. It takes place between you and your ex-partner with the support of an independent mediator, it does not matter if you have been married or not or how long you were in a relationship prior to your separation, the family mediator will help you both to make joint decisions for the future.

Family Mediation ordinarily involves both parties coming together face to face at a safe and comfortable venue, but if this feels too difficult you can sit in a separate room to your ex-partner and the mediator can move between the rooms to facilitate the conversation.

We can also work with you remotely and we use both Microsoft Teams and Zoom to deliver mediation virtually if this better suits your circumstances.

Typical issues that clients bring to mediation sessions are parenting post separation, how to make decisions about properties, the family home, finances and pensions, sorting these issues out at court with legal representation can be very expensive and the cost of the average divorce in the UK can run into thousands of pounds.

Mediation for most couples is a much cheaper and quicker option than using solicitors or going to court and is more likely to reduce conflict and support joint decision making.

Family Mediation can also support you both to make decisions about child contact arrangements, your children’s education going forward as well as how you would like to engage with your wider family members now that you are separated if these are issues for you and your ex-partner.

We understand that separation and divorce if hard, it’s an emotional time and can trigger all sorts of unsettling, uncomfortable and sometime frightening feelings.

Bold Moves family mediators are very skilled at helping you both navigate through all the things you have to consider whilst also understanding that emotions are likely to be running high and the impact of hurt feelings on being able to agree on important decisions for the future without independent support can be challenging.

Family and relationship conflicts that go through the legal process can also be very damaging especially when children are involved. Mediation is a collaborative rather than adversarial process, we want to support you come to a fair solution as quickly as possible, helping you to make progress using a kinder, easier and more practical way of solving problems, making decisions and looking at the consequences of these decisions on the family.

Coming to jointly made decisions can happen quickly when you both have time to think and reflect on your current position and what life looks like now and what you would like it to look like in the future.

With the support of one of our mediators over 80% of our clients are able to come to sustainable long term solutions after three to four sessions of mediation compared to taking cases through a legal process which often take a number of years to resolve (average cost of a divorce via a legal process in the UK is now just over £14,500 (.Gov website)

Where do we deliver Mediation?

Bold Moves have venues in Hertfordshire (Hitchin, Stevenage and Watford), Bedfordshire (Luton), Northamptonshire (Northampton central), Norfolk (Norwich), London (Hampstead), Devon (Exeter, Paignton, Crediton) and Somerset (Taunton).

When do we have appointments available?

We have day and evening appointments available at all centres and we are able to do Sunday afternoon at some centres if you and your ex-partner would prefer a weekend.

We also deliver remote virtual sessions via Zoom and Microsoft Teams throughout the week to include weekend and evening appointments.


How much does mediation cost per session?

Each session is a £80 per hour inclusive of VAT and a write up of the session’s discussions and points of agreement and a note of additional information required for the next session.

The number of sessions will depend on the issues you are your ex-partner are trying to resolve. We also have a reduced fee of £60 per hour inclusive of VAT and report if you prefer to have sessions delivered virtually on Microsoft Teams or Zoom, although outside of the Covid Operating processes we do like to see clients in the room for the first session before moving to remote delivery.

The mediator will plan with you a proposed number of sessions to take place, each session will be either weekly or fortnightly depending on the nature of the issue and to give you time to gather any additional information you might need to make informed decisions. Although some clients are able to resolve issues quicker, other more complex issues are likely to take longer and complex financial issues can take up to six sessions (six hours of mediation time).

You and your ex-partner will need to attend a separate phone call each prior to starting the mediation process, this is called a MIAM meeting (Mediation and Information assessment meeting).

This meeting will allow the mediator to get a better understanding of the issues you want to bring to mediation as well as being able to make an assessment of the suitability of your case for mediation.

The cost of this MIAMS meeting is £60 inclusive of VAT and write up.

A 50% cancellation fee will be required if sessions are cancelled with less than 24 hour’s notice.

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